Monday, 14 March 2011


sbb NORMALLY..knduri kahwin sgt panasssssssss...
sgt ramai makcik or pakcik2 yg akan observe 24 hours with a 'that' look...
plusss kne cntrol senyum spnjang masa...huhuhu
dekat east cost which is kelantan darul naim..kenduri kahwin being call as BEKWOH..
bekwoh here actually been taken by english word which is "big work"..hahah...funny right?
ive just know about that...

Back 2 the above statement...
sebenarnye i've just attend one 'bekwoh' kt friend's sister kahwin..
it is soooo DIFFERENT...
i was like...SERIOUSLY??happening gile...
ade joget lambak siap... karaoke..
and the best part is my hubby was there..wink..!!hahah

BUT...what i learn the most is...its not the event..the food...or the people...
its all about how we suit ourselves in that 'environment'.
mcm mane kite sesuai kan diri kite sndiri..
it doesnt matter if the kenduri kahwin meriah or tak..
come on is a weeding...once we have been invite we should go..
infact in our religion once u dah di ajak..melainkan ade perkara yang tidak mengizinkan u all datang..u HAVE TO COME..its a tradition anyway..we can gather around..mix with people..get to know each other..its a good thing..

maybe i should change the way i think..
no2...its a must...!!
wanna know y?coz..i also want to get married...and of course i want everybody come and enjoy it very well..
x nak la wedding i 'lame' gile...coz sume orng pikir mcm i use to think..hee

warghhhh...soo lepas ni...if my mom ajak g weddng i wont come out with stupid excuses anymore...
PROMISE...!!-sign out-adios


  1. aku sayang kau lah vavik! cantik dohh pakai tudung. :)

  2. syg ko jugak bongok..heheheh..thanks my...syg ko sgt..rinduuuuuuuuuuuuu